Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ebay anyone??

Well its been busy here at The Female Orgasm, I have been working on setting up some listing on Ebay trying to get our videos out there. We just have a few listings out, soon we are thinking we will have an ebay store too. Here is a link to our Ebay listings, you do have to prove that your old enough to see them and order them. But that is a easy process -- We are trying to make some movies in Blu-Ray and also in 3D!! Its been kinda fun testing out the 3D quality movies. There are many new scenes going up on , and you will be excited to hear that we have worked with many new girls. We also have a member who is sending in her own footage for our members viewing pleasures, Olivia Adams and yes we already have a video up of her!

Stay tuned for more sites from us too!! We have tons of ideas and now we just need to get to work and build'em!!


Friday, March 9, 2012

First time

Hi there world, there always is a first time for everything and this is my first time in the blogging world (Virgin Blogger). I am not a porn star, I just work in the porn industry. I work on the other end of things - editing and all that stuff, I find my job to be one of a kind. I say this because I live in a small rural area where everyone knows everyone, and they don't have a job like mine...or even understand it (I'm sure). I however enjoy my job, I am always learning new things and meeting new people! My thought on porn is that everyone has watched it just not everyone will admit to it....but I will!

So when I started working here I was over whelmed with what was going on, so many girls, so many names, it was a overload of info. And now I feel as though I can name everyone and remember what they look like too, or what video they are how that happens. We don't produce anything crazy just girls masturbating, sometimes its girl or girl, or our camera man gets in on the action ( a whole other topic)...but mainly our vision is to show real women having real orgasms....sounds good right!!!!

We do run many different websites (here is a list) you can go and look at them now if you want....

Now mind you we are working on upgrading our sites, so some that you stumble upon will look outdated at first glance but after you join it will be fresh and new content always!!

Well I guess I have to get back to working on some other projects right now, but I hope to write again later hope someone finds blog.........